Hey there social freaks, my name is Carlos Torres with the suffix Jr… so yes I was named after my Father. I come from a fairly poor community with a huge heart. The community is named Boyle Heights! (BH). This community houses a majority of Mexican American/Hispanic/Latino residents, and my family and I are one of the many. I have lived in BH from Pre-Kindegarten to High School, I attended a satellite school from the main campus of Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles named the Academy of Environmental and Social Policy. Coming from Boyle Heights I aspire to one day be able to apply the knowledge and skills I will have learned throughout my undergraduate career here at California State University, Chico to hopefully contribute to the slow but moving progress my home is showing.

Carlos Torres- Chico
Excuse me as I roll through this spring semester.

Meanwhile, I am just trying to keep myself mentally stable…just kidding. I would like to say it has been going great out here 500 miles away from home except in finals week; that’s another story in itself. But as of now, I have just begun to serve my plate for the semester. Last semester I took it easy because I wanted to eat calmly, tasting my way through my classes and independent chores. Now that I have succeeded through my first semester of college with a 3.6 G.P. A, I plan on stacking a few more servings to my plate(Hopefully not dropping my G.P.A).

Other than that, I would just like to introduce myself as a Los Angeles based teen who loves! Skateboarding (like Dr. Jaxon’s love for apple products) who also thankfully loves to feed his brain with topics on environmental studies, sustainability, nutrition, global cultures, Diversity, photography, video editing, and skating of course. Nonetheless I look forward to the year of 2016 and exploring my interest that can count for curiosities as well. #ThisIsMyStory #Peace



Ohh yeah and follow me on intsagram @ctorres_skates or Twitter @ctorress40… If you want of course.



2 thoughts on “#ThisIsMyStory

  1. Hey Carlos! I love this first blog post and hearing about your background. Congrats on a really successful first semester! I have no doubt that will continue and I look forward to learning from you and your interests. This is one of my favorite videos about skateboarding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9onpGgLgnJU&app=desktop I love how he uses the notebook to sketch ideas for tricks. Thanks again for such a thoughtful blog! Kim


  2. Carlos, this was a great first blog and I really feel like I got to know a lot about you here. I am very proud of how you did in school last semester and I know that with the drive and attitude you present in this blog that you will be very successful in your future semesters.


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