From the information I gathered of my pilot day, I came to the realization that I read way more than I thought. I just never thought so because if I were to respond to my high school teacher on “what did you read this weekend?” that I read numerous names of businesses and advertisements on billboards while skating home; he would of most likely thought I was trying to be a clown and asked me again. I may not read a lot according to many educators, although I read 100x more than the amount they believe (being a little exaggerated but the point’s there).

After reviewing information and recollecting memory of my own literacies, I came to the conclusion that I am both an uploader and downloader. I found that when I am an uploader, it is usually through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Most of all on Instagram because I see it as a sort of memoIMG_2408ry file where I upload so that I may have a collecting of memories to look back to. I would also add that while I upload I am also composing a description to summarize what I am posting. The description always consists of at least a sentence, emoji’s and my favorite…#hashtags! And right there I am reading and writing as well. I would argue that typing still counts as writing because my hand and fingers are still moving to compose a text/get a message across. Reading while uploading is easy to explain, …I reread my description so I can make sure I don’t sound like a five-year-old. As for downloading, I find that I am a downloader and consumer when on Google, YouTube or Netflix. For example, I find myself downloading images from google, music from YouTube, lyrics, and videos because my attention was caught either by the subtitles, effects or description.

Following up on that, when I do compose it is to describe an image or video I am sharing with my followers, friends, etc. As for consuming, well I believe everyone’s a consumer in anything you might be doing. I read (consume) numerous post every time I log on to my social accounts and even when I am not facing technology. Such as when walking back home from a usual weekday; I always tend to read the small business names on my way to University village. Such as the following…Subway parking only, Safeway, Walgreens, no skateboarding on this premises, drinks or foods may contain carcinogens, and the small window written advertisements for ice cream. The point is my brain consumes on my way home while on my skateboard and that’s something that doesn’t really get taken into consideration many times; even though I learned what the word carcinogen meant while reading it on my way home on a skateboard.

Instead what is taken into consideration is my literacies done for s#Social Mediachool versus optional at home literacies. Which at most times sucks because you have to talk about the literacies you did not find interesting. That I find to be the main difference between literacies done on your own time versus school related literacies whether they be at home or campus. I myself like many around me understand that our literacies assigned to us serve a purpose in excelling one way or another throughout our studies here at CSU Chico, although the sad fact is that It’s not always interesting or eye opening but instead a hassle to get through. Don’t get me wrong though some literacies assigned to me are extremely intriguing; such as “Our Semi-Literate Youth…,” By Lunsford because I could relate to therefore allowing me to recollect memories from my past. But all I can really do about it is figure out what reading and writing should I be doing at the moment. I know all literacies have a purpose because If not then I wouldn’t be reading or writing. For example, when I post on Instagram, it’s to share the highlight of my day or advertise something. When I tweet it is to express myself and same goes with Facebook. When I compose an e-mail, 90% of the time it’s for the purpose of being a better student. When I read the text books I rented for class, it serves the purpose of gaining knowledge about the subject. To learn.

Lastly, I wanted to share that just like you can’t point a finger to define normal; the same goes for pointing a finger to literacy, you can’t. #PEACE



One thought on “#ReadingIsWhatEverYouWantItTobe

  1. Awesome post! I love that you connected the readings from class to here. I am curious about what you compose in terms of school literacy. You talked a lot about the reading, but what do you write for school and how does that help shape your literacy?


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