I use to think of the social networks I had access too as a distraction to my literacies. I would have never thought of my use of social media as a type of literary practice. From the discussions, my peers and I discovered that literacies are practiced in diverse ways. We divided them into four categories such as practicing it through private use, public use, educational use, and arbitrary use. One of the members of my group brought up Tumblr as a private literary practice because he personally sees it as an anonymous blog. While others brought up facebook as a type of #LetItAllOutToFiendsFrom5yearsAgo (public) literary practice. We questioned what literacies can be considered private or public and educational as well; we all agreed it has to do on how you use it. An example being Facebook where it is likely known to be defined as a public space where you practice public literacy (meaning compose to a public audience) where everyone can access your profile; although facebook contains messenger in which is for communication between individuals or chosen groups. Therefore, It may be utilized for public, private, or both type of uses, it’s really up to the individual.

The phrase educational literacies came about and words like notes, textbooks, assigned readings, syllabus, etc were mentioned to suit the category. So by the end of our discussion we had a understanding that educational literary practices were only assigned readings/writings, notes and so forth. Although, as I reflected on our discussion back in my dorm while on facebook; I noticed that educational literacies are likely to be connected if not combined with your everyday personal (Public or Private) literacies. This came to mind because I had got a notification from a group named SOCI 133 which was a group specifically for the purpose of composing anything related to the class discussions creating a #LearningEnvironment. Still to this day I consume from and compose in the SOCI 133 page because it ties into my interest and informs me about the subject; which had me realize that while being on facebook I am also consuming and composing both educational literacies and personal literacies. #ItAllJustDependsOnHowYouUseIt


I guess what I am trying to get across is… I learned that everyone categorizes their literacies differently because while I use instagram as a photo/video album, others may use it to simply check out what’s going on and do most of their composing through insta-message where you have private conversations. I would suggest the best way to track literacies is simply by providing categories such as private, public, educational, arbitrary (such as reading stop signs) and let us decide where our literacies fall into; then maybe subcategories can be suggested from there. #ResposeSurveyQuestions
The big #TakeAway from this day was to be open minded. In other words don’t let the majority define your literacies. Because in the end you only know what your reading or writing counts for.
#EverythingIsSociallyConstructed #DontLetOthersDefineYou…



One thought on “#FaceBookCanBeAnEducationalLiteracy!

  1. Another awesome post, Carlos! I love your hashtags.

    One thing that is very interesting to me is how you are now realizing the reading and writing you do in your own life is counting as literacy. College is a very different space from high school – it is one of the very first places I felt like my ideas and contributions were important and a part of my everyday life and I feel like you kind of feel the same way. I may be reading that wrong though, so, sorry if I am.

    Keep up the great blog posts. They are a joy to read.


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