I feel as if I am somewhat declaring my major, or choosing  a chocolate bar because I know I like many chocolates/topics but I also know once I choose one its a commitment… Just like many of my peers, I am undecided on what topic I would be interested in researching for the next month or so for #TheBestEnglishClass #ILoveWritingNow #ExceptAboutThingsIDontWantTo. Some possible areas of interest at the moment are on the pros and cons of genetically modified foods, nutrition/sustainability, homemade products and their ingredients vs the typical product, what causes climate change, or maybe something like Mexican heritage (how Europeans colonized this land etc.).

As you can probably conclude on your own I am all over the place. My first option came about because in my sophomore year in high school I had researched the possible effects of genetically modified crops but it turned out to be a bias presentation because I was really looking at the cons of genetically modified food #NOGMO. Me and my partner where like #F@#%Monsanto the whole way; it was bad. Although If I do chose this route then I am committed to hearing both sides equally so that if the topic comes up in my daily life I can feel confident in expressing my opinion because I would be able to back up my argument and understand their stand point.

The interest in a nutritional topic easily comes from within me. I am always eager in exploring ways in which I can be more healthy and sustainable to set an example to anyone who is interested. I enjoy discovering new ways in which I can be more healthy and sustainable because I feel they go hand and hand. #Nutrition

Thinking about homemade products came from being sustainable as well. This idea might be incorporated into the nutrition/ sustainability idea although if it is not then I am interested in exploring how to create homemade products used in our daily lives for the purpose of saving money/being sustainable/learning something new. Currently I know how to make homemade tooth paste and hopefully will expand the very short list into an exceptable one. #IDontTrustTheseProducts #IDKWhatChemicalsTheyHave #IWillJustMakeMyOwn #IWillSaveAlotOfMoney #Haha

As for climate change, well its sort of the same reason as the genetically modified crops topic. I would just really enjoy being informed about the topic because the way our society is headed these two topics are going to come up strong and I would love to be informed so I don’t sound like an ignorant college student. #CLimateChange

Finally I think this would be a great opportunity to explore my Mexican heritage and how it’s change over time and what are factors in which caused that. I feel if I choose this direction It can either go two ways; the first would be empowered and the other would be finding out what I already know from what friends have informed me.. now that I just said what I said I think I  wont be headed this direction because I believe this is something that can be learned through my friends and family; I just need to ask. #MyCulture?

Regardless of what I chose, the way I would go about researching the topic would be the same for all of them. I will conduct research beginning with getting background info from un- scholarly articles and websites then move into research through more supportable films such as documentaries, search through google scholar and of course utilize our library database and building it self.

I kind of don’t look forward on choosing a topic…because I am highly interested in many I have mentioned and maybe even more; I just hope I choose wisely and think about it this break. #TheseMomentsAreTheHardestOfMyLife. #ILiveForThem… #haha

#IReallyLookForwardInHearingWhatOthersChoose. #NowExcueMeAsIEnjoyMySpringBreak!!!

#LOVELIFE     #CSUCHICO      #ENGL130p       #LITERACIES     #ILOVECOLLEGEsometimes…






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