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Well what do you know; I am researching skateboarding…

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Since the opportunity of choosing what we wanted to research came up I was worried my head was going to head towards skateboarding, since I have been skateboarding for a great five years now.

I am not sure what direction I want to take this topic or if I even want to take it in a certain direction. Although what I have managed to stumble across on skateboarding while my head continues to spin was two ted talks from a professional skateboarder named Rodney Mullen, a podcast titled skate and create with episodes aimed to help other skateboarders make their way into the industry by sharing the stories of entrepreneur’s in the culture, and lastly I have read three articles discussing diversity and history of skateboarding. lastly an article from the huffingtonpost.

I was surprised to find a ted talk given by a professional skateboarder. In one of his ted talks Mullen discusses how the skaters motivation is the end goal/the trick. In his other he mentions diversity in skateboarding in which brings me to share with you all a article I read  named “How Skateboarding Became More Than A White Dude’s Sport” by
Aaron Barksdale a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York City.

In the article “How Skateboarding Became More Than A White Dude’s Sport” Barksdale briefly discusses a professional skateboarder Ray Barbees experience begining to skate. The author talks about how Barbee was frowned upon as he picked up skateboarding. Having in mind that it was a predominantly white person sport because its origins are from surfing and Barbee shares to Barksdale that the two were not economically affordable to minorities.

Barbee says, “I got the most grief from other brothers and sisters — from other blacks,”..And they were always like, ‘Why are you trying to be white? And I was like, ‘I’m just riding a skateboard, I love what I’m doing — I hope you dig what what you’re doing.”

Despite the hardships skaters like Barbee who were of color experienced, the article goes on to discuss how skateboarding has grown since to allow for skaters of color such as Theotis beastly who came from Inglewood, Los Angeles to make a career out of it and get sponsored from companies such as Nike.

This has been possible thanks to the growth and popularity of skateboarding bringing celebrities in and motivating big name skateboarders such as Tony Hawk to donate and help with projects/creation of skate parks where minorities can access. Creating opportunity for more like Theotis who #CameFromTheBotton to being successful in doing what they love as Barbee previously expressed.

“People of color are more prominent riding skateboards now,” Barbee said. “It’s clear that it’s no longer just a white thing.”

Having read and listened through my resources I have come to the conclusion that diversity within skateboarding will take a great deal of my paper if I stick with it that is. This article in specific opened up optioned in which I can go into, Such as the backgrounds of professional skateboarders and look into they have grown to become iconic and successful in the sport. I know specifically the podcast “Skate And Create” will come to great use for that reason; because I have already listened to a few. Also I am now interested in exploring the different types of careers and lifestyles skateboarders now are able to live thanks to the popularity the culture has recieved these past five to six decades it has been around accoring to skateboardingmagazines.com

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Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-skateboarding-became-more-than-a-white-dudes-sport_us_55fb8f4ee4b0fde8b0cdc827

Another Link: http://www.skateboardingmagazine.com/the-evolution-of-skateboarding-a-history-from-sidewalk-surfing-to-superstardom/







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