My goal in researching skateboarding is to try my best in explaining how #SkateboardingIsLife to many people in this world. To answer questions such as why do people skateboard if they know theirs a risk of them seriously injuring themselves. I want to explain this through data, interviews, and documentaries.

A article titled “Skateboarding and Community Development: A Growing Relationship”; by  Richard Flude and Rachel Delphine directors of Own Life a skateboarding  education company. Own Life’s goals are to create a stable place for skateboarding into the educational realm beginning in Australia, their home.

The article discusses skateboarding’s history,  diversity and wellness within skateboarding, the growth of skate parks through public funding, and how it all can be apart of a schools educational curriculum. The author begins the article by discussing how skateboarding was a surfers creation and because Australia is a surfers paradise and has strong political and cultural ties with america, skateboarding was introduced and gained popularity there as well. Then goes on to tie that into how skateboarding went from a unpopular activity to something that has a great influence in today’s popular culture by using Australia as a example. It then goes on to mention that skateboarding is both physically and mentally healthy that increases overall wellness. It is supported by claims such as it improves coordination and balance which syncs the body and mind. It also promotes inclusion and can be done anywhere and doesn’t cost as much to get started as compared to other action sports. Lastly it supports the idea that community engagement sprouts within the culture of skateboarding and how it can be added to a schools educational curriculum providing examples of how schools in Australia have done so already thought their company Own Life.

This article introduces a path in which I can take this research project or even include by asking the question of what benefits are their in including skateboarding to a traditional educational curriculum?

All will come to great use when investigating certain claims these authors make; such as specifics when it comes to improving mental and physical well being. This article has opened up paths and will guide me when researching the bigger picture which is “why is skateboarding so popular? or why do people skate? I will especially go into investigating the path of diversity in which this article mentions; such as skateboarding promoting inclusion and that a skateboarder can go anywhere around the world and get connected with other skateboarders despite race, gender, religion or color.








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