My goal in researching skateboarding is to try my best in explaining how #SkateboardingIsLife to many people in this world. To answer questions such as why do people skateboard if they know theirs a risk of them seriously injuring themselves. I want to explain this through data, interviews, and documentaries.

A article titled “Skateboarding and Community Development: A Growing Relationship”; by  Richard Flude and Rachel Delphine directors of Own Life a skateboarding  education company. Own Life’s goals are to create a stable place for skateboarding into the educational realm beginning in Australia, their home.

The article discusses skateboarding’s history,  diversity and wellness within skateboarding, the growth of skate parks through public funding, and how it all can be apart of a schools educational curriculum. The author begins the article by discussing how skateboarding was a surfers creation and because Australia is a surfers paradise and has strong political and cultural ties with america, skateboarding was introduced and gained popularity there as well. Then goes on to tie that into how skateboarding went from a unpopular activity to something that has a great influence in today’s popular culture by using Australia as a example. It then goes on to mention that skateboarding is both physically and mentally healthy that increases overall wellness. It is supported by claims such as it improves coordination and balance which syncs the body and mind. It also promotes inclusion and can be done anywhere and doesn’t cost as much to get started as compared to other action sports. Lastly it supports the idea that community engagement sprouts within the culture of skateboarding and how it can be added to a schools educational curriculum providing examples of how schools in Australia have done so already thought their company Own Life.

This article introduces a path in which I can take this research project or even include by asking the question of what benefits are their in including skateboarding to a traditional educational curriculum?

All will come to great use when investigating certain claims these authors make; such as specifics when it comes to improving mental and physical well being. This article has opened up paths and will guide me when researching the bigger picture which is “why is skateboarding so popular? or why do people skate? I will especially go into investigating the path of diversity in which this article mentions; such as skateboarding promoting inclusion and that a skateboarder can go anywhere around the world and get connected with other skateboarders despite race, gender, religion or color.







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Well what do you know; I am researching skateboarding…

https://youtu.be/4KnyevoaIlo  #ISkate

Since the opportunity of choosing what we wanted to research came up I was worried my head was going to head towards skateboarding, since I have been skateboarding for a great five years now.

I am not sure what direction I want to take this topic or if I even want to take it in a certain direction. Although what I have managed to stumble across on skateboarding while my head continues to spin was two ted talks from a professional skateboarder named Rodney Mullen, a podcast titled skate and create with episodes aimed to help other skateboarders make their way into the industry by sharing the stories of entrepreneur’s in the culture, and lastly I have read three articles discussing diversity and history of skateboarding. lastly an article from the huffingtonpost.

I was surprised to find a ted talk given by a professional skateboarder. In one of his ted talks Mullen discusses how the skaters motivation is the end goal/the trick. In his other he mentions diversity in skateboarding in which brings me to share with you all a article I read  named “How Skateboarding Became More Than A White Dude’s Sport” by
Aaron Barksdale a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York City.

In the article “How Skateboarding Became More Than A White Dude’s Sport” Barksdale briefly discusses a professional skateboarder Ray Barbees experience begining to skate. The author talks about how Barbee was frowned upon as he picked up skateboarding. Having in mind that it was a predominantly white person sport because its origins are from surfing and Barbee shares to Barksdale that the two were not economically affordable to minorities.

Barbee says, “I got the most grief from other brothers and sisters — from other blacks,”..And they were always like, ‘Why are you trying to be white? And I was like, ‘I’m just riding a skateboard, I love what I’m doing — I hope you dig what what you’re doing.”

Despite the hardships skaters like Barbee who were of color experienced, the article goes on to discuss how skateboarding has grown since to allow for skaters of color such as Theotis beastly who came from Inglewood, Los Angeles to make a career out of it and get sponsored from companies such as Nike.

This has been possible thanks to the growth and popularity of skateboarding bringing celebrities in and motivating big name skateboarders such as Tony Hawk to donate and help with projects/creation of skate parks where minorities can access. Creating opportunity for more like Theotis who #CameFromTheBotton to being successful in doing what they love as Barbee previously expressed.

“People of color are more prominent riding skateboards now,” Barbee said. “It’s clear that it’s no longer just a white thing.”

Having read and listened through my resources I have come to the conclusion that diversity within skateboarding will take a great deal of my paper if I stick with it that is. This article in specific opened up optioned in which I can go into, Such as the backgrounds of professional skateboarders and look into they have grown to become iconic and successful in the sport. I know specifically the podcast “Skate And Create” will come to great use for that reason; because I have already listened to a few. Also I am now interested in exploring the different types of careers and lifestyles skateboarders now are able to live thanks to the popularity the culture has recieved these past five to six decades it has been around accoring to skateboardingmagazines.com

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Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-skateboarding-became-more-than-a-white-dudes-sport_us_55fb8f4ee4b0fde8b0cdc827

Another Link: http://www.skateboardingmagazine.com/the-evolution-of-skateboarding-a-history-from-sidewalk-surfing-to-superstardom/







I feel as if I am somewhat declaring my major, or choosing  a chocolate bar because I know I like many chocolates/topics but I also know once I choose one its a commitment… Just like many of my peers, I am undecided on what topic I would be interested in researching for the next month or so for #TheBestEnglishClass #ILoveWritingNow #ExceptAboutThingsIDontWantTo. Some possible areas of interest at the moment are on the pros and cons of genetically modified foods, nutrition/sustainability, homemade products and their ingredients vs the typical product, what causes climate change, or maybe something like Mexican heritage (how Europeans colonized this land etc.).

As you can probably conclude on your own I am all over the place. My first option came about because in my sophomore year in high school I had researched the possible effects of genetically modified crops but it turned out to be a bias presentation because I was really looking at the cons of genetically modified food #NOGMO. Me and my partner where like #F@#%Monsanto the whole way; it was bad. Although If I do chose this route then I am committed to hearing both sides equally so that if the topic comes up in my daily life I can feel confident in expressing my opinion because I would be able to back up my argument and understand their stand point.

The interest in a nutritional topic easily comes from within me. I am always eager in exploring ways in which I can be more healthy and sustainable to set an example to anyone who is interested. I enjoy discovering new ways in which I can be more healthy and sustainable because I feel they go hand and hand. #Nutrition

Thinking about homemade products came from being sustainable as well. This idea might be incorporated into the nutrition/ sustainability idea although if it is not then I am interested in exploring how to create homemade products used in our daily lives for the purpose of saving money/being sustainable/learning something new. Currently I know how to make homemade tooth paste and hopefully will expand the very short list into an exceptable one. #IDontTrustTheseProducts #IDKWhatChemicalsTheyHave #IWillJustMakeMyOwn #IWillSaveAlotOfMoney #Haha

As for climate change, well its sort of the same reason as the genetically modified crops topic. I would just really enjoy being informed about the topic because the way our society is headed these two topics are going to come up strong and I would love to be informed so I don’t sound like an ignorant college student. #CLimateChange

Finally I think this would be a great opportunity to explore my Mexican heritage and how it’s change over time and what are factors in which caused that. I feel if I choose this direction It can either go two ways; the first would be empowered and the other would be finding out what I already know from what friends have informed me.. now that I just said what I said I think I  wont be headed this direction because I believe this is something that can be learned through my friends and family; I just need to ask. #MyCulture?

Regardless of what I chose, the way I would go about researching the topic would be the same for all of them. I will conduct research beginning with getting background info from un- scholarly articles and websites then move into research through more supportable films such as documentaries, search through google scholar and of course utilize our library database and building it self.

I kind of don’t look forward on choosing a topic…because I am highly interested in many I have mentioned and maybe even more; I just hope I choose wisely and think about it this break. #TheseMomentsAreTheHardestOfMyLife. #ILiveForThem… #haha

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I use to think of the social networks I had access too as a distraction to my literacies. I would have never thought of my use of social media as a type of literary practice. From the discussions, my peers and I discovered that literacies are practiced in diverse ways. We divided them into four categories such as practicing it through private use, public use, educational use, and arbitrary use. One of the members of my group brought up Tumblr as a private literary practice because he personally sees it as an anonymous blog. While others brought up facebook as a type of #LetItAllOutToFiendsFrom5yearsAgo (public) literary practice. We questioned what literacies can be considered private or public and educational as well; we all agreed it has to do on how you use it. An example being Facebook where it is likely known to be defined as a public space where you practice public literacy (meaning compose to a public audience) where everyone can access your profile; although facebook contains messenger in which is for communication between individuals or chosen groups. Therefore, It may be utilized for public, private, or both type of uses, it’s really up to the individual.

The phrase educational literacies came about and words like notes, textbooks, assigned readings, syllabus, etc were mentioned to suit the category. So by the end of our discussion we had a understanding that educational literary practices were only assigned readings/writings, notes and so forth. Although, as I reflected on our discussion back in my dorm while on facebook; I noticed that educational literacies are likely to be connected if not combined with your everyday personal (Public or Private) literacies. This came to mind because I had got a notification from a group named SOCI 133 which was a group specifically for the purpose of composing anything related to the class discussions creating a #LearningEnvironment. Still to this day I consume from and compose in the SOCI 133 page because it ties into my interest and informs me about the subject; which had me realize that while being on facebook I am also consuming and composing both educational literacies and personal literacies. #ItAllJustDependsOnHowYouUseIt


I guess what I am trying to get across is… I learned that everyone categorizes their literacies differently because while I use instagram as a photo/video album, others may use it to simply check out what’s going on and do most of their composing through insta-message where you have private conversations. I would suggest the best way to track literacies is simply by providing categories such as private, public, educational, arbitrary (such as reading stop signs) and let us decide where our literacies fall into; then maybe subcategories can be suggested from there. #ResposeSurveyQuestions
The big #TakeAway from this day was to be open minded. In other words don’t let the majority define your literacies. Because in the end you only know what your reading or writing counts for.
#EverythingIsSociallyConstructed #DontLetOthersDefineYou…



From the information I gathered of my pilot day, I came to the realization that I read way more than I thought. I just never thought so because if I were to respond to my high school teacher on “what did you read this weekend?” that I read numerous names of businesses and advertisements on billboards while skating home; he would of most likely thought I was trying to be a clown and asked me again. I may not read a lot according to many educators, although I read 100x more than the amount they believe (being a little exaggerated but the point’s there).

After reviewing information and recollecting memory of my own literacies, I came to the conclusion that I am both an uploader and downloader. I found that when I am an uploader, it is usually through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Most of all on Instagram because I see it as a sort of memoIMG_2408ry file where I upload so that I may have a collecting of memories to look back to. I would also add that while I upload I am also composing a description to summarize what I am posting. The description always consists of at least a sentence, emoji’s and my favorite…#hashtags! And right there I am reading and writing as well. I would argue that typing still counts as writing because my hand and fingers are still moving to compose a text/get a message across. Reading while uploading is easy to explain, …I reread my description so I can make sure I don’t sound like a five-year-old. As for downloading, I find that I am a downloader and consumer when on Google, YouTube or Netflix. For example, I find myself downloading images from google, music from YouTube, lyrics, and videos because my attention was caught either by the subtitles, effects or description.

Following up on that, when I do compose it is to describe an image or video I am sharing with my followers, friends, etc. As for consuming, well I believe everyone’s a consumer in anything you might be doing. I read (consume) numerous post every time I log on to my social accounts and even when I am not facing technology. Such as when walking back home from a usual weekday; I always tend to read the small business names on my way to University village. Such as the following…Subway parking only, Safeway, Walgreens, no skateboarding on this premises, drinks or foods may contain carcinogens, and the small window written advertisements for ice cream. The point is my brain consumes on my way home while on my skateboard and that’s something that doesn’t really get taken into consideration many times; even though I learned what the word carcinogen meant while reading it on my way home on a skateboard.

Instead what is taken into consideration is my literacies done for s#Social Mediachool versus optional at home literacies. Which at most times sucks because you have to talk about the literacies you did not find interesting. That I find to be the main difference between literacies done on your own time versus school related literacies whether they be at home or campus. I myself like many around me understand that our literacies assigned to us serve a purpose in excelling one way or another throughout our studies here at CSU Chico, although the sad fact is that It’s not always interesting or eye opening but instead a hassle to get through. Don’t get me wrong though some literacies assigned to me are extremely intriguing; such as “Our Semi-Literate Youth…,” By Lunsford because I could relate to therefore allowing me to recollect memories from my past. But all I can really do about it is figure out what reading and writing should I be doing at the moment. I know all literacies have a purpose because If not then I wouldn’t be reading or writing. For example, when I post on Instagram, it’s to share the highlight of my day or advertise something. When I tweet it is to express myself and same goes with Facebook. When I compose an e-mail, 90% of the time it’s for the purpose of being a better student. When I read the text books I rented for class, it serves the purpose of gaining knowledge about the subject. To learn.

Lastly, I wanted to share that just like you can’t point a finger to define normal; the same goes for pointing a finger to literacy, you can’t. #PEACE




Hey there social freaks, my name is Carlos Torres with the suffix Jr… so yes I was named after my Father. I come from a fairly poor community with a huge heart. The community is named Boyle Heights! (BH). This community houses a majority of Mexican American/Hispanic/Latino residents, and my family and I are one of the many. I have lived in BH from Pre-Kindegarten to High School, I attended a satellite school from the main campus of Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles named the Academy of Environmental and Social Policy. Coming from Boyle Heights I aspire to one day be able to apply the knowledge and skills I will have learned throughout my undergraduate career here at California State University, Chico to hopefully contribute to the slow but moving progress my home is showing.

Carlos Torres- Chico
Excuse me as I roll through this spring semester.

Meanwhile, I am just trying to keep myself mentally stable…just kidding. I would like to say it has been going great out here 500 miles away from home except in finals week; that’s another story in itself. But as of now, I have just begun to serve my plate for the semester. Last semester I took it easy because I wanted to eat calmly, tasting my way through my classes and independent chores. Now that I have succeeded through my first semester of college with a 3.6 G.P. A, I plan on stacking a few more servings to my plate(Hopefully not dropping my G.P.A).

Other than that, I would just like to introduce myself as a Los Angeles based teen who loves! Skateboarding (like Dr. Jaxon’s love for apple products) who also thankfully loves to feed his brain with topics on environmental studies, sustainability, nutrition, global cultures, Diversity, photography, video editing, and skating of course. Nonetheless I look forward to the year of 2016 and exploring my interest that can count for curiosities as well. #ThisIsMyStory #Peace



Ohh yeah and follow me on intsagram @ctorres_skates or Twitter @ctorress40… If you want of course.